About The Project

Physiostat is a modern platform for physiotherapists. During this project, I had to build the whole application and brand from scratch. My task was to create user-friendly interface with consistent typography, logo and colours.


Physiostat is a modern platform, so the brand itself should have a fresh, stylish look. I picked light colours for the main content to make it clean and eye-friendly, beacuse here the user would spend most of their time. In order to make a visible contrast, I chose dark colours for the navigation. The most important colour was the brand colour - Physiostat is closely connected with health & sport and as a result mint was a winner here. This particular colour carries both the modern and health meaning. Last but not least - logotype. I simply went with a technical font to put emphasis on modernism of the project.


The project itself is packed with a lot of functionalities. I had to make clean and user-friendly interface. From the beginning, I was informed that the application will be used by people who extremely value their time. That’s why, the details like the top fast naviagtion with the most important features were a must-have.


The final result of the process. Wireframes adjusted to the brand.